About Us...

High Desert Corvette club is designed to bring Corvette enthusiast together. Our business and social activities are dedicated to the enjoyment of our members both on the road and at home in Central Oregon. We are continually eager to meet and share with all who enjoy the "Corvette" experience. Visit our "photo shows" to get a glimps of the fun and activities of our club. Please contact us with any comments or interest you may have in our Club.

Elected Positions:

President John Burgess
  Vice President: Jeff Moore
  Secretary: Marian Schrank
  Treasurer: Ann Langford
  Sergeant at Arms: Stan Schrank


  Mike and Kemi Broadley

Volunteer Positions:

Newsletter: Tom Gray
  Web Site Jere Smith and Karen Millard
  Activities: Fred Crowther
  Publicity: John Burgess
  Sunshine: Kemi Broadley
  New Membership: Sande Burgess
  Store John Burgess
  Photographer: Michael Sawyer & Rich Morton


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